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iOS 8 Jailbreak quick tutorial – What is it, why would you want to use it and how do you use it

The much awaited iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus were launched not long time ago and judging by the reactions so far, more and more people have thronged to buy the supersized monsters that the new phones are and Apple seems to have another winner on its hands. After all, Fans have long been expecting Apple to catch up to Samsung’s wide screen offerings and Apple has delivered in a much bigger way than most imagined. As exciting as it is to go gaga over Apple’s first ‘phablet’ iPhone6 plus, the real star of the show is the newly launched iOS 8.

It can be argued that iOS 8 is perhaps the single biggest OS updates for iPhones in a long time. The update is available for IPhone users who have the 4s, 5, 5c or 5s versions. As always the iOS update is a free download and the entire process can be completed all on your phone, without any need to connect it to your iTunes on your PC or your Mac (as long as you didn’t jail break it previously). But the real fun will begin when you jailbreak ios 8. Read the rest of the article to find more details about it.


What’s new in iOS 8?

While there aren’t many things that appear different on the visual front, iOS 8 has seen massive upgrades to a lot of the things under the hood. In reality those are the enhancements that are responsible for making iOS 8 faster, smoother and a much more on hands experience than its predecessor.

Things like the all new camera with manual settings that allow the users a detailed control over how they want to click their picture, a revamped keyboard that comes with an awesome predictive text system besides an ability to integrate third party keyboard apps and the option to share iTunes store purchase with other family members. These enhancements have the iOS community buzzing with excitement and for those of us who use the Mac OSX, all eyes are on next version of it, labeled Yosemite, that is stated for launch in late October. The most anticipated feature being, the ability to answer your phone calls and reply to texts from your computer.

Here is a list of some other new features of iOS 8:

  Interactive notifications
  Recent menu for contacts
  Quick email gestures
  Ability to search online using spotlight
  New 3D graphics engine
  Touch id works in all apps now
  Home automation controls
  Photo edits synchronized across devices using iCloud
  Ability to install extensions in Safari
  Apps can be added as widgets in the notification center

Once you review the list above, it’s clear to see what the whole buzz is all about. Even more excitement is felt in the Jailbreak community especially given Apple’s decision to open up more coding opportunities for developers. For millions of iPhone users the whole idea of owning the device is to be able to jailbreak it in order to unleash the whole potential of the iOS. Let’s face it; owning an iPhone wouldn’t be half as much fun if you didn’t jailbreak it.


Why the Jailbreak?

The main reason why millions of people jailbreak their iPhone is the option of having a go at customizing the most intricate things about the graphical user interface.

Bored of looking at the same home screen and want to customize the notifications center? Or perhaps you want to add a cool blurring effect to its overall appearance? Bored of the message window and want to change the color and font of the text bubbles? Or maybe you’d just like a computer style file browser (the awesome iFile) to aces all the files on your iPhone.

One big limitation of iOS is the inability to set a third party app as the default app- for example you can’t change Safari as the default browser or Google maps as the default map app. Jail breaking your iPhone thankfully allows for this. Similarly a jail broken iOS 8 will allow you to set any song as your ringtone, password protect an app and will let you install any app that Apple hasn’t authorized for use in their official app store (like the awesome app Flux). As more and more apps are released on the Cydia app store, the possibilities of enhancing the usage of your iPhone are endless.


How to install iOS 8?

As stated previously, iPhone users who have already jail broken the previous version will not be able to upgrade via the over the air option and will have to connect their iPhones to iTunes on their computers in order to do so. Once again remember that if your iPhone is older than 4s then you will not be able to run the iOS 8 on it.

Once your iPhone is connected to iTunes, click on check for updates button that appears in the device section of the window and follow the simple instructions. If you have not installed any previous jailbreaks then you can simply upgrade without any need to connect to iTunes. Needless to say, after you upgrade to iOS 8, the previous jailbreak will be removed and you will have to download an iOS 8 jailbreak. A jailbreak for iOS 8 is available at our website only for now.

One very common problem that a lot of iPhone users (especially those with 16Gb versions) faced when trying to upgrade to iOS 8 was the error which said that there wasn’t enough space on their phone to install the upgrade. This error caused way more confusion in their user base than Apple could’ve suspected and it led to a lot of people not upgrading to iOS 8 at all. No worries, there’s a very similar workaround for this- Connect your phone to iTunes and follow the directions. Simple. This eliminates the need to save the upgrade file to the iPhone and the installation is done using your computer’s resources (aka much faster).

There’s one last thing to remember before you rush into the new iOS upgrade- Do not forget to backup all your data to your computer before you go ahead and upgrade to the new iOS 8.

With iOS 8 Apple has given a massive upgrade to the users and it’ll be amazing to see what possibilities will be unleashed as more and more jail broken apps make their way to the Cydia store. The fact, as with all iOS updates, remains that the true potential of your iPhone can only be exploited once you have jail broken it. To Jailbreak iOS 8, please download our program above.